The Power Behind Standing Together

There are a number of Unions in Canada. The purpose of a Union is to protect the workforce in a particular place, or places, of employment.

An Alberta union in Canada ensures you get a fair wage for the work you do every day. An Alberta Union protects your rights to a safe workplace, fair hours, and ethical treatment from your employers.
You are required to pay Union dues every month when you join a Alberta Union in your workplace. Often, unless you are part of a specific management body within company with a Union presence, it is mandatory to join the Union. The reason for this is for purposes of Solidarity and strength in numbers. Managers are considered “The Employer” and for this reason are not part of the Union, and do not enjoy the same protections that employees protected by a Union do.

best unions stick together
An Alberta Union works very hard for its Members. They work to provide many things outside the workplace as well. Social events, educational opportunities, and supports for a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically are part of what an Alberta Union can offer its members, as well as many discounts and opportunities from many merchants and services.

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