Four Reasons Why You Need Our Housing Services

Campus life is the life. No experience beats those that you gain in the campus. In campus, you get to meet new people, engage in new activities, and experience new levels of fun. But the most stressful thing apart from exams which many students loathe is finding an apartment. Finding an apartment to rent exposes you to many challenges. First, you need to figure out where to start looking; you need to check out the house, and many other things. All these challenges are things you should not go through. You need to let the professionals at WOCH take care of all your needs. Here is the reason why WOCH is the best company offering housing solutions on any Waterloo student rental.

We have been providing housing solutions for students since 1982. In this period, we have gained enough experience necessary to satisfy students’ housing needs. We, therefore, know the ideal living environment for students, and that is what we will provide for you.

Affordabilityhigh end student living

As a university student, you need to live a stress-free life. What we offer you are affordable houses that will not stress you when it comes to paying rent.


We provide housing solutions in prime locations. These areas are safe and ideal for you.

24 Hours Assistance

We always have a team on standby in case you need assistance. So in the event of anything, we will be there to assist.
As a student, you need to concentrate on your education and have fun. At WOCH, we acknowledge this, and that is why we endeavour to offer you nothing but the best. Visit us at and enjoy our services.

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